Little BUDD.e thermo food jar - green **PREORDER**

$39.50 NZD

**Current ETA May 2022**

Pack hot meals for your child with the Little BUDD.e thermo!

The Little BUDD.e has a wide opening and an easy to open lid. Ideal for young kids.

It is more like a bowl and much easier to eat out of compared to traditional tall and narrow thermo food jars.

100% leakproof.

It has a 10cm diameter, and a height of 6.5cm. Capacity of 300ml. Enough to store a nice hot meal for your child.

Double wall 304 stainless steel insulation keeps food warm for 8 hours.

*to maximize heat in the food, place boiling hot water inside and close the lid for 5-10mins. Quickly dry the jar if needed before placing food inside.

If you're looking for the perfect lunch box for the Little BUDD.e, have a look at the LUNCH BUDD.e bento lunch box. They were made for each other...Literally!

For more more info and cleaning instructions please click here.

The Little BUDD.e thermo is also known to fit perfectly into the lunch box.