About Us

Here at Apples and Bananas we are dedicated to bringing you quality products for kids and parents.

As proud parents of 2 lovely children we understand the needs of parents as your kids go through the early stages of life. Almost all the products you see for sale at our store are items that we actually use ourselves.

We started Apples and Bananas when Ahna discovered some cool bento lunch boxes which made food look so appealing, was super easy to pack variety, and at the same time reduced the need to individually wrap food. After using them for 2 or so years and realizing the quality and durability of them, we set out to source them ourselves. After months of research and sampling we managed to source quality bento lunch boxes, backpacks, stainless steel straws, silicone straws and eco-friendly tooth brushes. We built a website and off we went on our journey!

Fast forward a couple of years and we have continuously added more and more quality products. We have a great range of lunch products. Kevin started creating amazing custom height charts. We have included fabulous customisation options. We are also proud to have an extensive range of baby/nappy backpack bags, which we believe is the biggest range in NZ! 

We believe in caring for the environment. We will reuse and recycle where possible. You will see a lot of our products are eco-friendly, made to be re used, and have very little impact on the environment. We will even send out your orders using recycled cardboard boxes and newspaper!

We are based in the Hibiscus Coast (North of Auckland) and we are 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

We hope you enjoy our products and service! 

-Ahna and Kevin