29 piece cutter and food pick set - Choose your cutters

$45.00 NZD

Create fun meals!!

It's a great way to get your fussy eaters to eat thier food!

Each set has 29 pieces made up from the following items:
-6 large plastic sandwich cutters
-1 large metal cutter
-12 small metal cutters
-10 plastic animal food picks

6 large cutters and 1 large metal cutter can be selected.
Choose from the following:

Plastic - choose 6 (use the numbers in the pic)
-train 1
-train 2
-train 3
-dolphins and heart

Large metal - choose when you click "add to bag"

Cant decided? Let us know if it's for a girl or boy and we will make a selection for you.

If no selection is left in the comments we will randomly select for you.