Convertible large bento lunch box - navy

$47.00 NZD - $72.00 NZD

This clever bento can convert to 4 or 6 compartments. Perfect for when you want to free up a large compartment for larger items. Great for packing variety in your lunchbox. Makes it so easy to pack lunch or snacks!

Leakproof** - Pack yoghurts or dips without the worry of any spills
Compartments - Keep different foods seperate from others and have them nice and fresh at lunchtime!
Ease of use - Just pop whatever you want into your bento box and away you go!
Portions - With these compartments, portion control is made easy!
Cut out (or down) on plastic - You don't need glad wrap or any extra packaging with these awesome lunch boxes!
Clean and healthy - Removable silicone seal in the lid, means that moisture wont get trapped and eliminates the potential build up of mould.

When closed outer dimensions are approximately 22.5x 17.5x5 cm.

Total capacity of the inner tray is 1200ml give or take.

**it is not suitable for thin liquids such as water or juice or juices from melted frozen foods etc

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