Single colour Images

$4.00 - $6.00

Here we have a selection of single colour images.

Small size is suitable for small drink bottles and mini bentos.
Maximum size 10x15cm

Large size is suitable for regular bentos, large bentos, LUNCH BUDD.e bentos, and large drink bottles.
Maximum size 15x20cm

Write your chosen colour and dimensions in the comments section at checkout. If no dimensions are given, we will make it at maximum size.

More info
Permanent vinyl is used to create the labels. They are only suitable to go on the exterior of the lunch boxes or drink bottles. Not dishwasher safe. Handwash only.

They can also be used on cars, laptops, or any other smooth surface.

Make sure the surface is completely clean and dry. We recommend cleaning the surface with isopropyl alcohol then drying with a microfibre cloth. You will need something flat like an eftpos or credit card to apply the vinyl.

The adhesive takes 24-48 hours to set. So please allow time before using and washing.

Application instructions will be given if you have chosen to apply yourself.